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The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has announced the dates for its third annual Kenyan Blog Awards. The awards reward bloggers that post on a regular basis, have great and useful content presented in a creative and innovative format.

The 2014 BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards will see the addition of two new categories, a “Best Health Blog” category and a “Best County Blog” category. This will raise the total number of categories from the current 15 to 17.

To submit blogs into the competition, bloggers and fans of bloggers should visit blogawards.co.ke/submit.

The inaugural BAKE Blog Awards was held in 2012. It rewarded bloggers in 14 categories; best technology, photography, creative writing, business, food, agriculture, fashion, politics, sports, general and corporate blogs as well as giving out awards for the “tweeps” of the year. 300 blogs were submitted and 10,000 people voted. The gala event to award the winners was held on 5th May 2012 at Nairobi Serena.

The second edition of the awards were held in early 2013. It rewarded bloggers in 15 categories. ‘Lifestyle/Entertainment’, ‘Blog of the Year’ & ‘Travel Blog’ were added as categories after removing the two twitter categories i.e. Best Individual Tweep & Best Corporate Tweep.

Journalist Larry Madowo with former ICT Board CEO Paul Kukubo at the 2013 BAKE Awards
Journalist Larry Madowo with former ICT Board CEO Paul Kukubo at the 2013 BAKE Awards


Over 500 blogs were submitted and 50,000 people voted. The gala event to awards the winners was on 4th May 2013 at Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi.

The Blog Awards timeline will be as follows

1. Submissions

From January 10th 2014 to February 10th 2014, we will be accepting submissions in the competition’s 17 categories.

2. Judges Choose the Best 5

From February 12th 2014 to February 28th 2014 judges comprised of bloggers and media experts will decide on the 5 blogs that advance to the next round in all 17 categories. These are the blogs that will be in the running to win a BAKE Kenyan Blog Award.

3. Online voting

The ballot box will be opened on March 1st 2014 and it will close on April 30th 2014. We will be limiting votes to one time per category.

4. And the winner is…

The winners will be announced at a gala event on May 3rd 2014.

For more information on the Blog Awards, kindly visitblogawards.co.ke. Head over there and nominate your favorite blog!

Keep it here for more details on the event.

The Inaugural BAKE Bloggers Awards

The first ever Kenyan bloggers awards went down on Saturday 5th May at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. Larry *pause* Madowo was the MC, and among the attendees were Paul Kukubo the CEO of Kenya ICT Board, Nzioka of Safaricom ( I forget his title 😉 ), the head of Red Cross Kenya and many other awesome people including yours truly!

@Wamathai pauses with Pinky Ghelani, one of the judges of the bloggers' awards

Here’s the List of winners, which I copy pasted from bloggers.or.ke!

Below is the list of winners in the different categories, who won through the votes that you cast (you being the reader and voter!):

1. Best Business Blog


2. Best Agriculture Blog


3. Best Creative Writing Blog


4. Best Fashion Blog


5. Best Food Blog


6. Best General Blog


7. Best New Blog


8. Best Corporate Blog


9. Best Photography Blog


10. Best Politics Blog


11. Best Sports Blog


12. Best Technology Blog


13. Best Tweep – Corporate


14. Best Tweep – Individual


All in all, it was a successful first event, and of course next year it will rock much bigger! I needed an evening like that after a Saturday where AFC Leopards lost to City Stars 3-0, and Liverpool lost the FA Cup final to Chelsea!

P.S. Check out more pictures on the BAKE blog!

Kenyan Bloggers' Awards: Time To Vote

The Bloggers Assocation of Kenya (BAKE) has been running a blogging competition. Voting was open from last week and will close on 3rd May.

The awards themselves will be a gala event to be held on 5th of May. However, it’s by invitation only so I’m sorry no crushing :-)

Image from lovesweetcrystal.blogspot.com

Here is the nominees list:

BAKE Blog Awards – Final Nominees List

1. Best Agriculture Blog

i. http://kipsizoo.wordpress.com

ii. http://emmiekio.blogspot.com

iii. http://youngagropreneur.wordpress.com

iv. http://bornreadyek.blogspot.com

v. http://panaac.co

2. Best Business Blog

i. http://rookie-manager.com

ii. http://bankelele.blogspot.com

iii. http://ujenzibora.com/nahinga

iv. http://Lilliankaivilu.wordpress.com

v. http://blog.sphere.co.ke

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

i. http://www.bikozulu.co.ke

ii. http://diasporadical.com

iii. http://kenyanmom.wordpress.com

iv. http://www.crazynairobian.com

v. http://www.kenyanpoet.com

4. Best Fashion Blog

i. http://www.nanciemwai.com

ii. http://ourstylekenya.blogspot.com

iii. http://www.kurlykichana.com

iv. http://geeksfashion.blogspot.com

v. http://sharzville.wordpress.com

5. Best Food Blog

i. http://www.tamutamu.net

ii. http://deeperthanmykitchen.wordpress.com

iii. http://www.yummy.co.ke

iv. http://healthylivingkenya.wordpress.com

v. http://poetrycafee.blogspot.com

6. Best General Blog

i. http://booksnblogsbysitawa.blogspot.com

ii. http://www.savvykenya.com

iii. http://muruginjehia.blogspot.com

iv. http://www.openbook.co.ke

v. http://www.akenyangirl.com

7. Best New Blog

i. http://www.my254.com

ii. http://mytechxperience.blogspot.com

iii. http://kahonge.com

iv. http://carlthatruth.com

v. http://kenyanjamaa.wordpress.com

8. Best Photography Blog

i. http://www.benkiruthi.com

ii. http://www.mutuamatheka.co.ke

iii. http://wraggz.wordpress.com

iv. http://www.thikaroadblog.net

v. http://joe.frontlite.co.ke

9. Best Politics Blog

i. http://www.dennisitumbi.com

ii. http://tribe46thkenyan.wordpress.com

iii. http://mwashy.blogspot.com

iv. http://iamnotmytribe.blogspot.com

10. Best Sports Blog

i. http://www.michezoafrika.com

ii. http://sportskenya.blogspot.com

iii. http://nafterli.wordpress.com

iv. http://panoramicdon.wordpress.com

v. http://fanatics.frankmwenda.com

11. Best Technology Blog

i. http://www.moseskemibaro.com

ii. http://www.a4architect.com/feed

iii. http://www.aptantech.com

iv. http://www.tommakau.com

v. http://www.tielict.com/blog

12. Best Tweep Individual

i. http://twitter.com/dee_spicable

ii. http://twitter.com/_ramzzy_

iii. http://twitter.com/WiseWordzdaily

iv. http://twitter.com/KoinangeJeff

v. http://twitter.com/SunnySunWords

13. Best Tweep – Corporate

i. http://twitter.com/rupukenya

ii. http://twitter.com/KenyaRedCross

iii. http://twitter.com/KenyaAirways

iv. http://twitter.com/UrbanBites254

v. http://twitter.com/MavunoChurchOrg

14. Best Corporate Blog

i. http://blog.batakenya.com

ii. http://squaddigital.com/blog

So click here to vote for your favorite blog.